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Be captivated by beautiful Mendoza

Be captivated by beautiful Mendoza

Technically, Mendoza is a desert town. But you would not guess, seeing the rich, leavy green avenues and walking the cool streets in your munda:rt sneakers. Wide plazas with luxurious water plays and fountains bewitched me. I got used to the slow pace of this city far too quickly, enjoying the cosmopolitan flair of the bars and restaurants at night, cafés at daytime. Every one of the main streets has its own acequias running alongside it, feeding the fountains and the parks of Mendoza. And the vineyards around the city. Mendoza is known for world class wines, and that is where my Mendaza sneakers of munda:rt took me. The Bodegas in the surrounding area of the city offer wine tours with wine tasting. Most tours are also offered in English. Rather adventurous: the tour through the Bavarian style brewery of Mendoza. Spanish only - challenging!

Knowing the rich history of Mendoza, I had expected some nice historical sights, at least downtown. One or the other church, maybe some old villa. But there was nothing. Mendoza was completely destroyed in a major earthquake in the 1880s, and the city was rebuild with no building higher than two stories. Another strong earthquake in the 1960s could not harm Mendoza anymore, so the checkered layout of the streets and city blocks is still there. The architecture is European. I feel home. Mendoza is not about adventures, Mendoza is charming for its peaceful atmosphere, slow pace and recreational cool climate. It was a pleasure to go hiking through the valley of the Río Mendoza, visiting the former bathing resort Puente del Inca.

I came to love my shoes, the embossed upper with its leather fittings proved itself to be durable, the memory foam insole made walking on the paths of the vineyards as well as strolling through the city a pleasure. The flexible basket outsole added to the stabil and comfortable feel. My feet stayed dry and comfortable thanks to the coolmax lining and textile sock.


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