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Summer17 collection out now!

Summer17 collection out now!

Patna: Architecture, people, spicy street foods and your favourite Sneaker


Walking the streets of Patna with your sneakers, you will find countless buildings decorated with Indo-Saracenic and Indo-Islamic motifs. Ancient monuments from different periods of the city's long history are ready to be discovered. Buildings from the city's more recent colonial times are just as impressive. And if you are tired of history, there still is one of the largest planetariums of all Asia waiting for you. Tired of looking around? Open your senses. Enjoy the city with all you can. Patna shows you a mix of different cultures, in the cities street foods you will find the vegetarian dishes of Hindu tradition, but as well curries holding chicken, fish oder mutton. Enjoy the olfactory impression of eastern India - this city has more to offer than its gorgeous skyline. Gautama Buddha is said to have spoken the local dialect. Mahatma Gandhi is honored in a public park. Patna shows rich culture of all aspects. If you walk the streets of this city, you a need a sneaker of high quality to make your feet comfortable in eastern India's extremely warm climate. Patna is your sneaker.

Being crafted with an outer shell of knit or our special embossed upper, Patna kicks in extremely trendy and fashionable. This munda:rt sneaker can breath. Diving into the parks and museums of Patna, melting into the city's crowd of 2.4 million tourists per year, Patna will bring cool comfort to your feet. The airy outer shell is joined by a soft sole of soft bast fiber and EVA. Trendy, fashionable, and so unbelievable comfy. The warm and dry air of Patna summers are perfect for your munda:rt sneaker. And if you really should get a bit too heated, just take the memory foam inner sole out and let it
air for a night. More adventures are waiting in Patna. For you and your munda:rt sneaker.

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I am Patna, I am Sneaker!


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