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Want to feel the beaches of Fortaleza?

Want to feel the beaches of Fortaleza?

Placed five among the biggest cities of Brazil, Fortaleza is loved by Brazilian tourists since decades. Recently, Fortaleza gets better known all around the world. What makes the city unique as a destination is the combination of dreamy beaches, an interesting historical city center and the romantic, shabby Favelas. I thought I would give it a try: exploring this city in Ceara, in the North of Brazil. I am slightly scared during the North of Brazil and Fortaleza especially are among the places with the highest crime statistic worldwide. I know I will have to walk a lot, I take my munda:rt Fashion sneakers. A soft, thick plateau bast outsole and a removable special foam insole give me the feel of walking the sands at Iracema beach.


Nicknamed the Brazilian Miami, Iracema offers a vibrant nightlife and the famous Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, home of several museums, restaurants, cafés and bars. Unlike the even more famous Praia do Futuro, Iracema beach is relatively safe for tourists. Praia do Futuro impresses with skillful kitesurfers, I feel like joining them. Another day, though. There are still more beaches waiting to be explored


Walking the beach in the early morning, taking my munda:rt sneakers in hands and enjoying the cool surf on my naked feet, I see Jangadas. These wooden boats with small sails are said to date back as far as the ancient Greek, Ulysses's vessel of the Odyssey might have been just the same type of boat. Altogether 25 km of beach, the city has a breathtaking skyline along the coast. I walk the historical city center and admire the leftovers of Dutch architecture of the 17th century. The fortress Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Assunção gave the city its name. Nowadays the buildings are used as military barracks, and it certainly is a strange feeling to walk the grounds with my fashion sneakers of munda:rt. Also from the late 17th century dates the Cathedral, placed in the old center of Fortaleza. The houses here are very colorful, ranging from sunny yellow all the way to cool blue and a pink that gives itches to the eyes.


I search recreation at Coco park, the biggest urban park in Latin America. My munda:rt sneakers take me through the green, the moist and humid and vivid gardens in the middle of the city. I breath the rich vegetation of the tropical climate: everything seems so very much alive here. I relax and spontaneously get out of my munda:rt's on a boat tour along Coco river, which forms the basin and the ecological biodiversity which is protected in the park. Taking my plateau soled fashion sneakers of munda:rt back home, I know why the model is called Fortaleza My sneakers are just the right combination of soft plateau soles and breathing knitted upper to let me feel the beaches of Fortaleza.


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